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Originally from Ipswich, Suffolk, Harrison moved to Manchester to study music in 2018. Harrison is currently involved in a multitude of projects including running the Manchester University Big Band, the ENKI Quartet and Ivory Forest Collective. He is currently being taught by the saxophonist Anthony Brown and Kyran Matthews having previously learned from Phil Meadows, Andy Scott, Soweto Kinch, Binker Golding, Sarah James and Oliver Weston. Before living in Manchester Harrison studied in London at the Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Tomorrow’s Warriors and NYJO Academy making appearances at Ronnie Scott’s, The Vortex and The Spice of Life alongside others.



Sam Davies is a jazz pianist from east London. Having grown up in a musical household and taking lessons in classical clarinet, jazz bass and saxophone as a child, he began teaching himself jazz piano at the age of 16. Four years later he had switched to piano in all of his ensembles and considered it his first study. He has been gigging in venues all over London and Manchester for 5 years with a wide variety of ensembles. In 2019, Sam graduated from the University of Manchester with a chemistry degree and has been offered a place for post-graduate jazz performance studies at the renowned Guildhall Conservatory. 



Dan Lawrence is a Music Graduate from the University of Manchester. Hailing from the North East of England, he has played bass since he was a teenager. Now based in Manchester, he plays in a number of bands; covering a variety of jazz styles. His musical output includes composition, an aspect of his musical voice which he is continuously exploring. His main influences include Brad Mehldau, Paul Edis and Ant Law.



David Hoffmann is a Luxembourgish jazz drummer and vibraphonist, who currently lives and studies in Manchester, UK. He was born and raised in Luxembourg and had the chance to study and play with some of the finest musicians there including Boris Dinev, Benoit Martiny, Paul Wiltgen and Jerome Klein. With numerous projects and bands, such as Electronics vs Acoustics and the Parsons-Hoffmann-Peckels Quartet, he became one of the country's most promising young jazz artist. However, in August 2017, David left Luxembourg and embarked on a journey to Chile, where he worked as a volunteer teacher in the "Escuela Popular de Artes". For 12 months he taught the drums, marimba, ensemble and music theory in this exceptional music school, located in the largest poor neighbourhood in Chile. In collaboration with Luxembourgish and German music schools and NGOs, he organised and accompanied the tour of the "Orquesta latinoamericana", a student and teacher orchestra from that exact school. Today, David studies "Development Studies and Economics" at the University of Manchester and continues to play at a high level in various bands such as ENKI Quartet, the Manchester University Big Band and Ivory Forest. 

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